our values


At The House, we value….



  • Value Life. We value life regardless of race, age, economic status or background.

  • Choose Honor. We honor all authority because they are placed by God. The House is a place where honor is felt and given.

  • Make Connection. We want to develop authentic, life giving relationships with one another! We want to meet new people, our friend quota is never full.

  • Have Fun. We believe church can be a fun place, and we strive to make it relevant and engaging! So bring the party because we are ready for a good time.

  • Always Give. We always give, even when it’s inconvenient. We see the needs of others before our own. We trust God as we give sacrificially with our time, talent, and treasure.


  • Being Spirit-led. We are a Spirit-filled church. The Holy Spirit enables us to understand the truth of the Bible, reveals God’s love to us, and empowers us to love others well.

  • We Win. Jesus won. He defeated death, hell and the grave. As we give up our life, winning becomes what we do. We win by resisting the enemy and overcoming adversity.

  • Stay Relevant. Jesus kept it simple. As we bring God and the power of His word into everyday conversations, confusion leaves and clarity is established. We will never change God’s message but the method will always stay relevant.

  • Better Outside the Walls. Our best ministry is done outside the walls of the church. We live on a mission, we work to see lost people be found, we are active in our community, and we have empathy for others.

  • Making it Better. We believe that everything we put our hand to must produce, and be better than when we found it. We are intentional about growing and finding new ways to impact people. Our heart is to develop our spiritual walk and our church for what God has next.