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At The House, we dedicate our lives to being people who live better outside the walls of the church than in. We challenge everyone to do this in daily life by seeing and loving people. God wants you to use your story, giftings, and service to touch ministry. Opportunities are provided multiple times a year to get out of our comfort zone on local and international outreaches. Find out when our next missions trip is by clicking the link below. It will change your life forever!



We strive to not just preach the love of Jesus but to live it out. Whether Jesus was healing the blind, or commanding the crippled to get up and walk, He was touching His community no matter where he was. Every summer, we provide an opportunity for our youth for a week to take their faith to our city to live out the love of Jesus. 




God calls all of us to go and make disciples of all nations. So where can you start? We take international mission trips to make the name of Jesus made known around the world. Whether you wish to go by yourself or go with your Life Group, international mission trips open up opportunities to spread the gospel throughout the world.

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